Photography advice PDF book

Whilst preparing for my lectures at The Societies convention, I realised just how much stuff I had to share, there was no way I could fit everything into a two hour lecture so I decided to put a little PDF book together, it features camera techniques, lighting techniques, business ideas and anything else I thought might be interesting to a modern day working photographer. Consisting of just over 60 pages, it’s short and to the point, including easy to follow explanations and examples.

What’s included:

  • The three stages of light explained
  • The unicorn method (a simple technique for good directional lighting)
  • Off camera flash/lighting (a method that works anywhere)
  • The business of selling packages & prints & more

You can purchase this PDF book for just £20, simply click the paypal link below…

The Societies convention success

What a crazy week at the international Societies photography convention in London, I’m pleased to announce that I was fortunate enough to win three major awards.

Travel Photographer of the year.
Portrait Studio Photographer of the year.
Most Gold awards of the year.

I’d like to thank everyone who attended my lectures, judges for making me feel comfortable throughout chairing the print competition, the Societies staff for giving me the opportunity and everyone else who has had an impact on my career so far!

Travel Photographer of the year 2016
Portrait Studio Photographer of the year